Offer: Conference Organisation Workshop

Recently, I gave a conference organistion workshop at RustFest Paris. It was a hands-on workshop, resulting in a clear picture of what needs doing for a conference. The workshop was effective and will make sure people have a good assessment of the work they need to invest in which area and especially when. It’s planned to avoid beginner organisers running into generally known issues, especially figuring them out to late.

I have helped creating 3 conference tracks (eurucamp, JRubyConf.EU and RustFest) with me being involved in 13 events in total. All three have high standards of diversity, inclusion and accessibility, eurucamp having reached a level of roughly 25% attendees from marginalised groups. eurucamps accessibility statement has inspired multiple conferences to similar efforts. A lot of these things don’t come down to high effort, but careful planning and investment.

I’d happily give the workshop again, but due to the reasons outline here, I can only do so on a sponsored basis and with someone else organising the workshop. Also, I do not give diversity advice, only planning advice to make it happen. I have experienced trainers for that at hand.


For the workshop to run, I need:

The fees are non-negotiatable. I’m okay with pooling, as long as payment can be done in one block, saving me effort. Upfront payment is required.

I’m okay with charging some professional attendees a ticket fee. Please talk to me beforehand.

If a set of FOSS conferences wants to pool the cost, I’m willing to delay my personal payment (not the one of the diversity training) until the conferences are close to happening. This is to appreciate that you will learn the skills to budget situations like that during the course.

I’m currently only willing to give this course in Berlin.

Please note that this is a personal offer and not provided through any of my companies. I can also offer a professional training, at professional fees.


Please contact me at when interested. Please contact for professional training.