Decorating Results

Rust has many ways to make Results ergonomic, from try! to From and friends. Here’s another one that is useful when chaining is appropriate and all errors can be passed through while you want to work on Ok values: just implement a special trait for your specific Result type to decorate it. This allows the user to do all general operations on the Result and just deconstruct it at the end.

This can make convenient APIs, but obviously means that users need to import that trait everywhere. Also, it needs work to find a good error type you can fully pass through that chain.

pub trait MyResult {
    fn double(self) -> Self;

impl MyResult for Result<i32, String> {
    fn double(self) -> Result<i32, String> {|i| i*2)

fn okay() -> Result<i32, String> {

fn failing() -> Result<i32, String> {
    Err("everything broke".into())

fn test() {
    assert_eq!(okay().double().unwrap(), 4);
    assert_eq!(failing().double(), Err("everything broke".into()));

Yes, it’s basically a trick to hide map and friends from the user.

lazers currently uses this to chain database lookup and creation where both operations can fail due to network/database/concurrency issues.

let client = HyperClient::default();
let res = client.find_database("to_be_created".to_string())