Sponsor Florian

I’ve been doing free community work for almost 20 years and am seeking personal sponsorship. For detailed reasoning, see Sustainability.

To help out, get in touch.

From whom?

I am interested in professional, corporate and company donors of any size.

I’m also fine with conferences and can even offer consulting in return. I don’t do diversity consulting.

How much?

I’m seeking at least EUR 15.000 for 2018, either in one-off payments or monthly. I prefer to accept your sponsorship through my company, asquera, for ease. We can also negotiate other forms.

More sponsorship would allow me to do more things.

To help out, get in touch.

What does this money help finance?

Mainly Time. I’m currently involved and/or helping the following projects:

Currently, most of this work happens on evenings. Your support would also allow me to refocus on non-Rust things again.

Beyond that, I have a lot of experience that could be of benefit to the wider FOSS community. I would like to spread/write down:

One of those projects is the FOSS events planner. It’s under the umbrella of the Rust project, but open and intended for all.

What is this sponsorship not for?

Expenses and travel, especially speaking expenses. These are either paid by conferences I speak at or through other means.

What will I provide?

A regular writeup and worklog of things done, at least once a month. For sponsors over 1000 Euros, we can set up a phone call where I answer all of your questions on FOSS development. On larger sponsorships (>5000), we can also negotiate additional agreements. Also, I’ll present all sponsors on this website and give you thanks :).