yakshav.es is my personal space to scribble, extend and note down. It is intended to do this in a very simple way: there is no metadata, just a bunch of files in a directory. Every file is compiled so that it can be served from a standard webserver where it is reachable under its name.

Documents are not ordered by publishing date. They might also be edited at any point in time.

Documents that need a sense of time will bear their initial writing date in the title.

yakshav.es was created out of the frustration that most static site generators are rather heavyweight and not built for personal publishing. Most blogs (even tumblr) have a time component I rarely feel comfortable with.

It was also created as an attempt to document my work more, as I more and more feel the need to write things down, without ever having the feeling that some of it is done. I tend to use Twitter for that, but it is too short-form and short-lived.

Simplicity doesn’t keep away the typos, though.